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For many of us, Alpha Kappa Psi has been an integral part of our college and business careers and we now want to make it part of our professional careers as well.

There is the old saying "It's not what you know, It's who you know," and in this day and age this definitely holds true. As we advance in our careers, we learn how vital networking is in order to get the next promotion or career level. The Lambda Omicron Chapter will help to bring together alumni and current brothers from all areas of business professionals to share thoughts and ideas.

The goal of alumni is to support collegiate brothers with the tools of wisdom and experience from the business world that they would not normally find on a college campus. We can then use these life skills as a student leader within the operations of the chapter and to develop an impressive resume for life beyond college. What’s more, our alumni program will empower current brothers to gain a competitive advantage on campus that could not otherwise be achieved. As a result of alumni relations, we have college brothers graduating into the business world who have used their fraternity leadership experience in the ways that relate closely to the experiences they will face in the business world. No other professional student organization at NC State can provide similar opportunities.

We want this chapter to be fun, exciting, and professional. From professional events like motivational speakers and career counseling, to social events like kickball and dinners, the Lambda Omicron Chapter will be focused on what its members want to see. We are definitely looking for alumni volunteers, and extremely value your input for ideas!


If you would like to receive updates and information about the goings-on of the Lambda Omicron chapter, simply email our VP of Alumni Relations, Alex Lindvall at with the following information:

  1. Full Name

  2. Preferred email for contact

  3. Pledge class

  4. Current location (optional)

There is also an official Lambda Omicron Alumni Facebook Group if you'd like to join.


Fall 2011 marked the initation of the Triangle Alumni Chapter in Raleigh. With the continued influence of the alumni at this chapter, our brothers gain valuable experience and learning opportunities many other chapters do not have. We look forward to our continued relationship with the alumni chapter in both of our future endeavours.


If you are a member of the Triangle Alumni Chapter and want to get more involved with Lambda Omicron, feel free to register for our newsletter. If you are an alumnus of Lambda Omicron and would like to get involved with the Triangle Alumni Chapter, please contact our VP of Alumni Relations, Alex Lindvall at or Nancy Nguyen, President of the Triangle Alumni Chapter.